Sunday Sermon Notes (8/10/14)

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Notes from Sunday’s sermon:

“We have preconceived notions, and sometimes we worship those more than we worship God.”

“You may have had a powerful experience with God before, but that doesn’t mean you’re in His will right now…we need daily, continual fire of God in our hearts.”

“You don’t know what you should pray for, but when you tap into the power of the Spirit of God, He can move in your life!”

“I have friends who tell me ‘Samantha everything just works out for you.’ It’s not me! It’s because I pray in the Spirit! He wants to do it for you, too!”

“When we renew our minds [in the Holy Ghost] it is a renovation…it happens when you pray in the Spirit.”

“There many be a throng of people around you when you are praying in the Spirit, but when you’re in His throne room, it’s just you and God.”

“Never walk away from the King when He is trying to talk to you!”

“He rebuilds you so that you can be a house settled on the Rock, and not on the sand.”

“Transformed” -Sis. Samantha Guerra

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