ConnectPoint Needs Your Help!

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We have a very, very exciting opportunity in front of us!

ConnectPoint has been offered a professional-quality sound system. It includes:

  • Presonus Digital Mixer 16.0.2. w/hard case
  • A pair of QSC K12 Speakers with a Gator road case and stands
  • 3 Sennheiser sw100 G3 (A-Band) wireless microphones with stands

This system is valued at over $5,000. We can purchase it for $2,500! As a result, we have launched an all-or-nothing campaign through GoFundMe. Essentially, if we hit our goal in 30 days, we receive all of the money that has been pledged. If we fall short, then the pledges are not drafted.

Please consider contributing, and sharing this information with friends and family. There are also various incentives available to those who choose to contribute specific amounts. Visit to donate now or learn more!


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