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Planting a church is new and exciting! We’ve had many reach out to us and ask us how they can help. There is one word that sums up this process: WORK! If you’re ready to roll your sleeves up, here’s how you can get involved:


The thing we need most, above and beyond anything else, is prayers. We want to build a church together with the people of Middleburg that is founded on the timeless principles of God’s Word, while also being fresh and relevant to the local community. So please add us to your prayer list. And when you pray for us, pray as if the souls of a city were depending on your prayers…because they are!


We are working to gain visibility in the community. The best way to do that is by getting out there! We have some exciting community outreach opportunities in which you can get engaged. We are currently looking for partners for October and November events. Contact Pastor Guerra at (904) 535-7355 or
to learn more.


It takes money to fund the work of God. While no one likes asking for handouts, the simple truth is that it takes financial support to get the word out! If you are interested in partnering with this ministry financially, contact Pastor Guerra.

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