Sunday Sermon Notes (10/12/14)

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Notes from Sunday’s sermon:

“Elisha was about to learn a very important lesson [after the passing of the Shunammite woman’s son]: God’s path is not always linear.”

“Just because you come out of the world and live for God, that does not mean it will be easy.”

“God uses our trials to draw us closer to Him…God uses the struggles of this life to direct us toward Him!”

“Until our level of determination matches our level of desperation, we won’t see God move in our lives.”

“It is not comfortable to be stretched! If we’re ever going to take off in our walk with God, though, we’re going to face those times.”

“God makes the nest uncomfortable so that we will stretch ourselves out and fly!”

“How do we stretch ourselves? Our Savior gives us the best example of this…he climbed upon a rugged tree. He stretched His hands. He stretched His feet. Jesus stretched Himself in surrender to HIs purpose.”

When God Stretches You, Pastor Guerra

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