Sunday Sermon Notes (10/5/14)

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Notes from Sunday’s sermon:

“In the parable of Mark 4:3-8, we see the SEED is the same for everyone. The SOWER is the same for everyone. All four types of ground have the SAME opportunity; however, not all of them have the same response.”

“For those among the wayside, unfortunately, the message of Christ is totally wasted. The word goes forth, but they never regard it, and it is quickly snatched away. They never hear, and never receive.”

“For the stony ground, there’s not much interest there, but there is some. These are the ones who will say, “I know I should live right, but…” “I know I need to quit sinning, but…” They allow the message to convict them to a point. They hear it, they listen…but they never fully receive it, and they never change.”

“The thorny ground receives the Word, and repents. Maybe they are even baptized in Jesus’ name and receive the Holy Ghost. However, there is not fruit of their experience. They may come every Sunday, pay their tithes, and even conform to some basic Bible principles of holiness and separation…but they never allow a true transformation to take place. As a result, there is no fruit in their lives.”

“To me, the thorny ground is the most dangerous and tragic ground of all, because we have enough growth to feel we are okay, but we don’t move on into perfection, as Christ calls us to.”

“The good ground is where the seed can put down roots. Those roots give the plant strength and stability. Fruit begins to grow. The seed has caused a complete transformation. That starts when we repent, are baptized in Jesus’ name, and receive His Spirit.”

“We have to PREPARE ourselves by dying out to our own will if God is to give birth to something great in our lives.”

“Our struggle is that our human nature wants to see how alive we can remain and still produce fruit. The answer: none! We must be TOTALLY surrendered and TOTALLY dead to ourselves if we are truly going to produce fruit. There is no other way.”

“The beauty, though, is that when we die we actually multiply.”

-Pastor Guerra, “We Don’t Die; We Multiply”

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