Sunday Sermon Notes (11/16/14)

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Notes from Sunday’s sermon:

“The world doesn’t like our identity because there is POWER in our identity! When our identity is in Christ, we walk in POWER and AUTHORITY!”

“The enemy knows that if he can strip us of our IDENTITY, He can strip us of our power!”

“The enemy of this world isn’t content for you to LIVE in this world, SERVE this world, or even BLEND IN with this world; he wants you to WORSHIP this world.”

“What was the statue all about? It was about King Nebuchadnezzar! How does the devil get us to turn from being a true follower of Christ? He gets us to worship OURSELVES.”

“The devil has the ability to put is into calamity…Even if Satan does not do this directly, just as Christ uses our circumstances in this life to point us to Him, our enemy will try to use those same circumstances to steer us away from God.”

“They said, ‘King, we don’t even have to answer this. We know our God is powerful enough to deliver us both from the furnace and from you, BUT IF NOT, you can keep your idols, you can keep your accolades, and you can keep your accomplishments. We settled the issue a long time ago. It’s HEAVEN or BUST!'”

“I’ve learned that if we don’t make up our minds to serve Him in the hard times, that even if He gives us what we want, we will not truly serve Him. It will be a temporary decision that lasts only long enough to get us past our current calamity.”

“The Hebrews did eventually find themselves in the fiery furnace, but God was in the middle of it with them. They did not face their trial alone. THIS is the assurance that we have! We are NOT guaranteed that we will not face calamity; we are only guaranteed that, if we are faithful, we will not face them alone.”

-Pastor Guerra, “But If Not”

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