Sunday Sermon Notes (11/2/14)

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Notes from Sunday’s Sermon:

“At the surface level, [God’s] love, His mercy, His grace, His holiness, His righteousness is in plain view! However, there are some things we cannot know and cannot understand on a surface level.”

“You know God on the surface, but do you know what makes Him tick? Is there intimacy in your relationship? Or are you just friends with benefits?”

“Salvation is not supposed to be the culmination of our relationship, but the beginning. We are to progress in our walk! We are to leave our unrighteousness behind in pursuit of His righteousness.”

“Any time God calls someone higher, He requires a greater level of sacrifice.”

“Too many people are building bigger barns when we are called to fill His storehouse.”

“If we are to know Him in a greater way, if we are to climb up higher, if we are to answer this call to intimacy, we must become fixated on more than just His power. We must also fellowship with His suffering. We must conform to His death.”

-Pastor Guerra, “A Call to Intimacy”

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