Sunday Sermon Notes (11/30/14)

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Notes from Sunday’s Sermon:

“If you’re trying to weigh whether or not you want to walk with God this afternoon, whether you really want to try this Apostolic lifestyle, whether the infilling of the Holy Ghost and baptism in Jesus’ name and a lifestyle of holiness and separation are really worth it, consider the benefits package!”

“The first benefit He offers is forgiveness. If He can forgive Jacob for deception, Aaron for idolatry, David for adultery, Peter for blasphemy, and Paul for murder, He can forgive you of whatever you have done wrong.”

“He heals all of our diseases. Doctors can FIX; only God can HEAL. The power of God is still present in this world to heal! The gifts of the Spirit are still in operation, and that includes physical healing.”

“His benefits package says we’ll be redeemed from destruction. • Acts 2:38 says that we are baptized for the REMISSION of our sins! When we go down in the water in Jesus’ name, He is doing more than forgiving us. It’s more than a symbol of our faith. It is our sinful nature placed under His blood!”

“He gives us good things. When we are born again, we belong to Him, and when we belong to Him, He takes care of us!”

“Are there requirements to living for God? Sure. But when this book tells me I can’t go here or I can’t do that, I’m okay with it, because I have a Daddy who is taking care of me!”

“He doesn’t just save us, he doesn’t just provide for us…He FIGHTS for us!”

“We may feel like the waves of this world are crashing down on us, we may feel like we can’t take anymore, but it’s in that moment that GOD STEPS IN, and SHOWS HIMSELF MIGHTY in our lives!”

“God’s Benefits Package” -Pastor Guerra

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