Sunday Sermon Notes (6/15/2014)

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“We cannot save 2 hours today and use them tomorrow. It doesn’t matter who we are, it doesn’t matter what life stage we’re at…we only have 24 hours.”

“The illusion of time is that we are too busy for things that matter.”

“In many homes, [Father’s Day] is avoided or perhaps even begrudged because Dad wasn’t there. Either Dad was absent physically, or emotionally, or spiritually. Dad may have been in the room, but there wasn’t a connection with Dad.”

“There’s far too many men in our society that are procreators, but not nurturers. There’s a difference between a Father and a Dad.”

“A Dad understands that the greatest thing he can give a family is his time.” “This is not a culture we can sleepwalk through and see our families saved.”

“What could it do to our marriages and families if we spent less time entertaining ourselves and more time with them?”

“If the fatherhood epidemic in our society is to be reversed, men must stand up and be men.”

-Pastor Guerra, “The Illusion of Time”

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