Sunday Sermon Notes (6/29/14)

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“Somehow he realized that the remnant of his past, if allowed to remain, would haunt him. He knew if he left himself a way of escape, the pressure would mount in times of discouragement, and he would be left to face an intense battle. So instead, Elisha decided that he would destroy his escape route. He went home, and he killed the oxen.”

“Faith requires action! Like Peter, we can believe conceptually we can walk on water, but it means nothing until we step out of the boat and allow God to prove himself and work through us!”

“The Bible says [Elisha] arose and slew the oxen, but then he boiled their flesh and gave unto the people. They didn’t have a funeral; they had a barbeque! He didn’t mourn, he celebrated!”

“There’s no need to act like this is a drudgery. It’s a good life living for the Lord!”

“We must let go of the fear of the unknown. We must release our fear of failure. You CAN live for God! Your family CAN be saved! God CAN fix your situation, no matter how hopeless it seems. If he can save Moses from the hand of Pharaoh, Daniel from a lion’s den, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego from a fiery furnace, Peter from execution, and Paul and Silas from prison, He can fix your situation!”

-Pastor Guerra, “Kill the Oxen”

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