Sunday Sermon Notes (7/13/14)

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Notes from Sunday’s message:

“Junk followers [in social media] are people that will never interact with you or boost your profile in any way; they are simply there for what they can get OUT OF YOU. I’m afraid that there are junk followers of a much more serious nature in our world today. They have linked themselves to Christianity, they “Like” Christ…but they are only interested in what they can get out of it.”

“Throughout Christ’s ministry on Earth, we see people who follow Him for the right reasons, and we see people who follow Him for the wrong reasons.”

“Junk Follower #1 – Those who follow Him only for His provision. o They were only interested in their own carnality being satiated. They weren’t looking for JESUS Christ, but for SANTA Christ. They only serve Him if He answers WHEN and HOW they want. They don’t want a King; they want a genie.”

“Junk Follower #2 – Those who follow Him only to elevate their personal status. The rich young ruler was only in interested in the STATUS and ATTENTION that following Christ would bring to him. He wasn’t looking for a servant’s towel; he was looking for a king’s throne. These only serve Him IF and WHEN it benefits their climb to the top. They don’t want a King; they want a pedestal.”

“Junk Follower #3 – Those who only want His power. o They know how to say the right things, but they are actually only interested in bringing glory to themselves. They aren’t looking for a Savior; they’re looking for a crowd. They actually do not serve God AT ALL; rather, He is a scab that lays on top of an infectious wound. They don’t want a King; they want a magician.”

“The problem with junk followers is that they want to follow God on their own terms. Regardless of what those terms are, it is ultimately more about THEM than it is HIM.”

“Why does this happen? How is it that we get so wrapped up in our own version of Christianity? It’s because we lose sight of the cross.”


-Pastor Guerra, “Junk Followers”

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