Sunday Sermon Notes (7/6/2014)

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“We have a God-inspired Bible that contains 66 books from dozens of authors describing Him and providing revelation of Him, yet we cannot fully understand Him. Mankind has existed for 6,000+ years interacting with Him, yet we have not even scratched the surface of all there is to know about this great God that we serve.”

“We can’t even begin to understand how He orchestrated something as simple as taking air into our lungs and breathing out, yet many do not trust Him with basic decisions in their lives.”

“The American Dream is officially out of reach for 87.5% of the American population. How is it that something that started as being content just to have a comfortable life and build a legacy became something that spiraled out of control? It’s quite simple: the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.”

“We defeat the lust of the flesh when we deny ourselves. We defeat the lust of the eyes when we take up our cross. We defeat the pride of life when we choose to follow Christ. Instead of fighting to the top we crawl our way to His feet and allow Him to set the course and direction of our lives.”

“How do we end up in this trap to begin with? We get there when we begin to think we are self-made men and women, when we believe that our success is a result in hoeing our own road rather than the result of a loving Savior blessing our lives.”

“We carry this backpack around that is full of things that we put in there and God put in there. Our problem is that we go to God in prayer with this backpack full of stuff and we ask Him to put more stuff in it.”

“The problem with a backpack is that nothing flows out of the bottom. We pray ‘God bless me,’ but it gets to a point where God wants to bless us, but we’re so full He can’t fit anything else in.”

“God wants to bless us, but we won’t let go! We zip our backpacks tight and put a luggage lock on it.”

“What do we put in our backpack? Things that make us feel secure. What are we afraid to give to God? Things that make us feel secure.”

“What God is calling us to do is to take those things that make us feel most secure and put them on an altar of sacrifice to Him. He wants us to place our backpack on an altar.”

-Pastor Guerra, “What’s in Your Backpack?”

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