Sunday Sermon Notes (8/17/14

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Notes from Sunday’s sermon:

“The devil doesn’t care about you until you start messing with Hell’s economy.”

“As long as you don’t have the supernatural…the devil doesn’t care WHAT you do.”

“We OUGHT to face opposition in this world! If we never have a problem or conflict, we are probably flying below Hell’s radar.”

“Sometimes we assume that we are facing a trial because we are not in God’s will, yet sometimes a trial places us DIRECTLY INTO God’s will.”

“No matter how dark your midnight gets, the day is still coming!”

“I think the most likely reason (that Paul and Silas sang in the prison) is one that Paul penned himself in 2 Corinthians 3:17 Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

“When we worship, we don’t just invite Him to show and be a spectator…we invite Him in and PLACE HIM ON THE THRONE.”

“We cannot have His presence without experiencing freedom.”

“I don’t know what they sang, but I know they sang it LOUD, because the Bible tells us that the prisoners heard it!”

“You want to know why the enemy wants you bound? Because he knows that if you get an understanding of what can happen when you walk in freedom…he knows that anyone you are around can experience that freedom!”

“I can sing at midnight because I’m free! I don’t care how thick the darkness, I don’t care how dreary the situation, I don’t care how hopeless and powerless I feel, when I invite the Spirit of the Lord in, I am free!”

-Pastor Guerra, “I Can Sing at Midnight”

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