Sunday Sermon Notes (8/24/14)

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Notes from Sunday’s sermon:

“The Bible tells us that Mephibosheth was 5 years old when his father, Jonathan, and his grandfather, Saul, were killed on the battlefield. He was living comfortably in the king’s palace at the time. I can’t imagine that, living in the lap of luxury, he was yet familiar with hardship. All of that, though, was about to change.”

“Is it a wonder that Mephibosheth’s name means, ‘Son of Shame?’ He must live the rest of the life in the aftermath of the shame of exile.”

“He finds himself in a place called Lo-Debar. Lo-Debar, in the Hebrew, means ‘Without Pasture.'”

“He finds himself in the house of Machir, the son of Ammiel. Machir means ‘bartered.’ Ammiel means ‘God’s kinsmen.’ What does all of this mean? Mephibosheth, the Son of Shame, was living in a pastureless place, dwelling in a place of bartered kinship.”

“It wasn’t GOD’S plan for Mephibosheth to be where he was! God had an inheritance for him, but because of circumstances beyond his control, Mephibosheth was living below his inheritance.”

“David tells his servant, Ziba, ‘You go find that Son of Shame. You pull him out of that pastureless place. He may think that his kinship has been sold, but not anymore. Today is the day everything changes. He may have been eating in a pastureless place yesterday, but he’s eating in the palace today.'”

“How did the Lord teach us to pray? ‘Give us this day our DAILY bread.’ When you’ve been roaming pastureless, you can get this idea that the bread is scarce…God is moving in our lives! He is working the supernatural! He is providing for our needs! But because there is not a surplus, we don’t see it.”

“How do I get to the king’s table? First, the King must call you. That part’s easy; He’s calling for all of us! Second, we must reject the world’s table. Third we must be properly attired.”

“You may feel this afternoon as if you are unworthy of the master’s table. I feel that way. I know Mephibosheth felt that way. He looked around and thought, ‘I don’t belong here. I’m just a dead dog. I have nothing to offer. Why am I even here?’ If he had stopped to assess the situation for just a moment, though, he would have realized that David didn’t deserve to be there, either.”

-Pastor Guerra, “From Pastureless to the Palace

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