Sunday Sermon Notes (9/28/14)

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Notes from Sunday’s sermon:

“The way we see the world is shaped by our life experiences…it’s logical then, that our perception doesn’t always match God’s.”

“We live in a culture that is very focused on looks. Consciously or unconsciously, we learn to make decisions on people based on how they look.”

“It’s not too difficult to understand, then, why Samuel would have been so impressed with David’s brothers…but God spoke to Samuel and said, ‘I’m not impressed.'”

“Man may look at the outward appearance, but God looks deeper…He looks at the heart.”

“Many of us practice perception management. What we post on Facebook, who we hang around…those things can be impacted by our management of our personal brand. In simple terms, we want people to THINK we have it all together, so we ACT LIKE we have it all together.”

“Man may look at you and not see much, but you were formed by the Master Potter! He does His best work when it seems He has the least to work with.”

“You don’t have to come into this place buttoned-up today! I don’t know what you see around this room, but we’re just a bunch of broken people who have found hope! God saw something different in us, and He reached below the surface and gave us a second chance.”

-Pastor Guerra, “God Sees You Differently”

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